Wednesday, October 21, 2009


So much happening, and yet, nothing really...

JF stayed with Josh overnight Sunday and Monday, however I'll stay of a night the remainder of Joshy's time in hospital.

His temperature had continued to spike; it would often and quickly reach 38 or 39 degrees (celcius), 3 different courses of antibiotics had been given, but nothing seemed to work. Or rather, when the third one was given (via IV, as were the others), and it appeared to be working, the same kind was then given via his PEG, but his temperature would rise again. Then, on Sunday, the cannula where his IV was running in his arm tissued, which basically just means the area to where the needle was running became blocked and/or swollen and had to be removed. The other unfortunate thing was that even though he was given Panadol and Nurofen, his temperature didnt come down.

Another cannula was inserted Monday, into his left foot. Ouchies.

Yesterday, bloods, sputum and a urine sample were taken, so they could be tested further.

Josh had a nap early on the day yesterday, and then was asleep again by 5.45pm, and stayed asleep until 2.30am. Then he was awake, or merely dozing for the rest of the morning.

His temperature reached 39.6 or so around 5.30 this morning, but this time he responded to Panadol.

One of the main doctors came by this morning, and although so far the samples are not showing anything obvious, theres still no definative answer as to what the main problem is. Theres evidence of possible residule pneumonia, but they dont think thats anything to worry about now.

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