Sunday, November 8, 2009


His chest xrays came back no worse than previous ones from the day before., but we now know that Jojo has a couple of different bugs, common to kids like him with a compromised immune system and decreased lung and respiratory function.

psuedomonas aeruginosa

haemophilus influenza (not type b)

streptococcus pyongenes and


Say them 5 times really fast. Okay, try just saying it once.

The first infection in particular, is one that will no doubt remain in his system now that he has it, and may or may not cause continual problems...

Also, my Jojo DID smile yesterday AND made a noise while I was talking to him, but of course, when I raced to get my phone to take a pic, he was finished.


Anonymous said...

Oh Wendy I am so sad to see that Samuel and Joshua are going through such obstacles. It is just not fair. Hopefully the antibiotics will kick in and you will all be home soon. Lizxx

Anonymous said...

Just found your site, my heart is so sorry for what you have been/are going through. It really doesnt seem fair. It reminds me of being vigilant round the pool. Love to your family x

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