Saturday, November 7, 2009


(from my journal)

Josh was peaceful yesterday afternoon; he was quiet, looked comfy, was a nice colour and was asleep for hours. After chest physio at around 7pm, that all changed! The next 4 or 5 hours were very difficult...

Josh's pulse escalated to the low 200's, his face and chest were red, and his breathing was rapid and he looked like he was working really hard to take a breath. He sweat continually, and was very restless. Because Josh's secretions have been thick, it was thought that perhaps plugs of mucus were "trapped".

More blood was taken, more Ventolin given via nebuliser, more chest physio. An ECG was done, and even ICU reviewed him, with the possibility of being transferred there. His antibiotics were changed to cover a wider range of "things" and by around 12am, it looked, finally, as though he was settling down.

I decided to try and sleep, knowing that I would be woken if need be.

Anyone who has stayed in hospital knows that in actual fact, it is anything but a restful place to be. The machine monitoring his oxygen levels and pulse, and his IV alarm and sound all the time, as well as the usual checks by nurses and Doctors.

By 6am, and even now at 10am, Joey is a whole lot better, although still not quite where he was yesterday as he is still working hard to breath, and his temperature keeps jumping.

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