Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Arrangements

Warning: possible long post. Will try not to ramble.

After some... lets say "confusion", Josh went home with JF on the Friday he was discharged. I figured it would be less disruptive for Josh since he would be returning there the next day anyhow.

Saturday, however, JF was not well, and I picked Josh up only to return later after forgetting his antibiotics. Then Kayla and Kane came back with us too.

JF had an infection of some kind, and was advised to keep away for a number of days. He has had a number of tests but I don't know what was revealed.

The kids all remained with me for the week until the Saturday just past.

Meanwhile, JF decided he wanted to change our care arrangements for Josh, and after much negotiation, it has been decided that we'll trial new care arrangements for Joey, for a month or so.

So now, Ill look after Josh each night, Monday through Friday from about 6pm to 9am.

Out shopping Monday, I was surprised by my feelings and reactions to other kids out with their "grownups"... too many reminders of what Josh was; a kid in the trolley, walking past the donuts shop and remembering our treats, the size of a little boy who'd be about the same size as Josh...tears pooled a number of times.

Later that evening, on the first day of our new arrangement, I picked Josh up later, because my big girl is receiving a laptop through school as part of the DET Laptops for Learning program, and we needed to attend an information session and receive paperwork in order for her to receive one.

Apparently, after seeing his GP, Josh had blood tests and an x-ray done today at the hospital, because his high temperature was a concern. I wasn't made aware of this until I was there to pick him up at 7.45pm. Why wasn't I told sooner?

He'd had temperatures on and off all week when he was with me, however Id take the temperature again later and it would be okay.

And I neglected to have our GP look Josh over 2 days after his discharge from the hospital. It was an oversight. Technically, it wasn't meant to be the day that I had Josh, so the appointment wasn't put in to my diary and slipped my mind. Realistically however, I still should have gone over the discharge papers once our "arrangement" changed due to JF being ill.

Would a visit to the GP have revealed an iminent infection? Who knows? The chest x-ray and blood results came back clear...

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