Wednesday, November 4, 2009


(from my journal)

Josh returned to the GP today so that the GP could see what temperatures had been recorded, which I had taken every hour or two last night til 10.30, and then from 6.30 this morning. At 6.30, it was above 41 degrees! Nurofen didn't bring it down much.

He had another appointment with his OT for new hand splints (which didn't go ahead due to his stiffness), and a consult with the Doctors from the Brain Injury Clinic, which is when I arrived. It had already been decided by this stage to admit Josh into hospital, so we went down to the Emergency Department.

Thankfully, the wait for Josh wasn't too long. Later, I did the "school-pick-up-juggle-of-the-kids" thing, and now, at 6.30, here Josh and I are back in our "other home", in the same ward we've stayed in each visit this year. He's on IV antibiotics, oxygen, and is sleeping.

His secretions are very thick; probably the thickest Ive seen them (very mucusy with bloody streaks). It will be days yet before we can put an name to this infection.

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