Saturday, December 19, 2009


A few weeks ago I made an application through our local school for Josh to be enrolled in a special needs school, and after the supporting reports and documents etc were obtained, the paperwork was submitted. I received a call last week from a local (special) school offering Josh a place with them, which came as a surprise because we hadn't yet received our own letter of confirmation or offer of placement. 

Things felt somewhat rushed, as we looked through the school 2 days later and more paperwork for Joshy's enrolment was meant to be submitted. 

We instead took a good look around the school, and have been speaking to various departments and people, and we'll take a couple of weeks with the paperwork, and be sure we're happy to proceed.  It was great to see the set up, and the equipment within the rooms.  This school also has a hydrotherapy pool, and I would be able to come and help out with that (which would mean Jojo would get more time in the water!).

The biggest issue is that they initially expected Josh would attend full time (5 days a week from 9 til 3pm).  Not only is that a huge step; its more like a gigantic leap! It's a combination of things; not being ready to let Josh go into the care of others for that length of time, he still has appointments through the hospital etc that we attend, etc, as well as the other therapies or treatments that he may receive throughout the day needing to be rescheduled.

There is a program called Early Intervention, where kids can go for a few hours a couple of days a week, but the kids that are involved are generally more able to interact somehow...

Legally, all children are required to attend school fulltime by the age of 6.  We could just not send Josh for another year or so, but I feel that the interaction and stimulation will be beneficial.

We have since been told that Josh attending part time should be okay (with the goal being that eventually he would attend full time).

Its a daunting yet exciting process...

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