Sunday, December 20, 2009


After one too many visits from the NRMA and trips to the mechanic, the time had long since passed to purchase a new car...

Armed with a list of car yards with advertised wheelchair modified vehicles, and other places which looked promising, my dad and I took the bull by the horns last Sunday, and started our search down Auto Alley.  I like cars; I just don't like looking through a gazillion of them, so while we had a plan, I was not looking forward to the search.

But wouldn't you know it?  Within minutes, after dads eagle eye spotting a potential vehicle, we found a car!  (Actually, we drove past it, and it actually took almost 10 minutes to get back to it because of the traffic, parking etc; I had told dad not to worry about going back to look at it!  Oops!).

We took her for a drive, and while dad was happy with how she drove,  I was impressed with the space and bits and pieces in the car.  Okay, the fact the car actually drove without problems was a big plus for me too!  :-)  We discussed the pros and cons, and once Id decided I was happy to proceed, dad "did the deal" (which was entertaining in itself) regarding price, inclusions, warranties etc.

I picked my newest baby up a few days later.  Its a Hyundai Trajet, only a few years old.  While it isn't modified for a wheelchair, I could have some kind of conversion done at a later date, and for now, Josh is light enough for me to lift in to his seat.  With my old car I had to step up on the outside step, balance myself with my elbows, and maneuver Josh at the same time.  Now I can just put him straight in.  there's plenty of room to move (more than the Pajero) and yet its a less bulky car.

And, best of all, it actually drives.  :-)

I have an Otto Bok paediatric car seat, kindly given to me by Jo-ann and Michael from the Samuel Morris Foundation, which of course needed to be fitted by an accredited qualified person, so I called Brian from The Capsule King (who had installed it in to my other car), and who I highly recommend. :-)

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