Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Wednesday Wrap-up

Josh returned from Melbourne Sunday afternoon.  While in Melbourne he started on 2 hour blocks in the Oxygen tank, twice a day, and built up to 3 hours twice daily, over the 4 days he was in Melbourne.  In total he did 20 hours, so together with the last lot of HBOT, that's 40 hours in total.  The goal is to do at least 200 hours... And as I wasn't there, that's about all I can tell you.

Josh stayed with me Sunday afternoon through to Tuesday morning.  Josh is "well", though, interestingly, he seems to have a bit of a high temperature when he wakes up, and it drops quite low, often around 34.? (celcius) when he is sleeping.

We had a followup appointment with the respiratory doctor today, who provided some feedback on the recent sleep study for Josh.  Overall, his sleeping is quite good.  He does miss a couple of breaths, however has good lengthy periods of REM.  He could use CPAP whenever he sleeps, but the Doctor doesn't think Josh has to use it, and, since the decision is ours, we've decided not to use that for now.

We also will be stopping the antibiotic we've been administering via the nebuliser for a while; it was given through the neb to help keep the bug psuedomonas at bay.  We'll take a sample of Joshy's sputum next week which they'll test to see how dormant the bug is, and reassess.

I had a chuckle when the Doctor wanted to book Josh in for another sleep study, a year from now, and he asked me what night would be best!  I dont know what Im doing in the next few days sometimes, let alone in a year! :-)

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