Sunday, January 10, 2010


Having never really maintained a swimming pool before, learning how to is one of the many things Ive achieved in the last few months.  Those of you who have or had pools, are aware already of how much chlorine to add and when, whether to add salt, or clean the cell, and how long to run the filter for each day, as well as the usual trouble shooting...  With the help of a friend or two, and an expert, I've now learned how too.

The pool has been swim-able for some weeks, and the other kids have swum.  But yesterday, Josh and I took our first dip.  And oh! how Josh visibly relaxed (albeit a short time). Love this photo of Paris and her expression at Josh!

We'll definitely have to make this a more regular thing.

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Tianne said...

Wendy you are doing a great job, love your blog and the updates, thanks. Think of you often.

All 3 of mine are in swimming lessons since Josh's accident. i have had enough of my own stuff to deal with, i just can't have them not in permanent swimming lessons.

All my love,

Tianne xx

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