Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A new year..

I really had, and still have, this feeling that 2010 will be better than last year for my family and I.  And perhaps my "feeling" is right on; perhaps it will be better for us, but it may not extend to some close to me...

New Years day was amusing.  There was no choice but  to laugh.  From our dog literally chewing to pieces two pool toys that Santa had brought, to the entire contents (which of course I'd stocked up on for the Christmas break) of my spare fridge and freezer going off because the wrong switch had been turned off, and the bath overflowing because we forgot about it...

Things like that occurring, while inconvenient (and costly), are just "things".

Unfortunately, in just these first few days of 2010, (among other things), one of my best friends brothers died, another friends little boy was hospitalised for with cellulitis, and yet another friends husband was hospitalised with a heart infection.

A few weeks ago I had a conversation with a man I respect very much from within the medical profession, and one of the subjects raised was what a number of people have said to me which is to play down their own experiences of things that have happened to their own family, children in particular, as if to say that whatever they're "going through" is nothing compared to Josh and his situation.  Let me say that whatever your pain or hurt or worry is at the time is more important, because thats what is your life at the time.

I wish my friends and their families a speedy recovery, and big hugs.

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