Monday, April 26, 2010

Chest Infection

I've seen Josh for a few minutes here and there over the last week or so.  Thursday I had Josh all day and overnight, and I'd mentioned to a good friend who visited that I didn't like how sleepy Josh was, but that perhaps it was because of the pain relief he was on.

Yesterday morning I received a message from JF letting me know he'd gone with Josh to the hospital.  I called his neighbour - also a friend a friend of mine - who was looking after Kayla and Kane. Josh had had problems breathing, the ambulance was called, and although Josh seemed okay, JF had decided to go to the hospital anyway.

 I picked up the kids from the neighbours and met Josh in ED.

To be continued...

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Tianne said...

Get better soon Joshy. Take care Wendy and know you are never far from my thoughts. Xx

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