Saturday, April 17, 2010

Broken Arm

Thursday was my daughters 8th birthday.  It was also the day Josh got his first broken bone.

JF had taken him to some kind of therapy where he'd had an assessment done previously.  It was meant to be a quick refresh of Joshy's abilities and then to put in place a program we could also continue at home.  He apparently was laying over a pillow on his tummy, the therapist had a supportive hold of him at his shoulder and elbow, and was assessing his range.  They'd done the left arm, and were doing the right when they heard a crack...

Long story short, this is Joshy's broken arm.

The doctors say that because he is immobile anyhow, the bones should heal straight without a problem.  My poor baby has lots of bruising, and we're alternating between Painstop and Nurofen for pain relief although he doesn't seem to be in pain; there are no unusual noises or face-pulling. Because he is now difficult to move, not hurting his arm while placing him in my car seat will be a problem, so we've decided that Josh will stay with JF for at least the next week, while we figure something out regarding transport.  We will get another x-ray in 3 weeks to see if things are on track...

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