Saturday, September 4, 2010

Corner of the Sky

As tends to be the way with me, after thinking about it for a while, I suddenly made a decision that I was ready to listen to the music that Josh and I would sing together in the car.  It's Sky Medley - Corner of the Sky/ Up Up and Away by Lisa Crouch.

I listened to her CD from the beginning on the way home from somewhere in the car.  This particular song is eighth on the CD, and I bawled the whole way through it.  I replayed the song again, and managed to sing some, and didn't cry as hard...

It took two days, but I can finally play and sing along to that song, and it is once again one of my favourite CD's.

I'm sharing that so that it is understood, by anyone else who has experienced loss, or is grieving, that things, one at a time, do get better or at least easier, day by day.

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