Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

Luckily, today was quite a good day.

We were told Josh does not have a chest infection, and that his x-rays show no evidence of aspiration, and therefore he certainly doesn't have aspiration pneumonia. So that's great! He's still "gurgly" or rattly sounding when he breathes, but his patting and vibration sessions with the physio help that.

Doctors told John yesterday (and I was actually on the phone to John at the time, listening,) that we'd be looking at another 2 to 4 months before we are able to bring Josh home!!

We have talked about the possibility of day trips home, and other things to stimulate his senses more, and movement like tummy time for example, but Josh needs to be in a more stable condition first, and without things like an IV getting in the way!

We had the Occupational Therapist pop by again today. She has adjusted Joshy's hand splints a little, and we also spoke about having her come to assess our home for when Josh comes home. John and I are not in agreement about where Josh's room should be, and John's dad is also moving back in with us, but hopefully the rehab team will help our decision.

John has been trying to liaise with a Doctor from the UK that was first known to use the drug Zolpidem in coma-type patients and after a couple of initial emails, has not had much luck since. The Doctor that came by today seems to think that we still need to wait at least 6 months before trying this drug here, if and when the Hospital approve its use and fund it.

A Play Therapist took us to the Multi-sensory garden for our first time today. Lots of wind chimes, murals, tactile objects, and parts of their garden are in in their own little section with padded seats or swinging chairs etc. There is a sun awning, and a water feature, "creatures" in the garden etc. A nice place to play for a change.

Feeling a little down today...and quite tired.

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Anonymous said...

Wendy...I really feel for you!!! There are so many things to consider..hugs and kisses
Luv Nes

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