Thursday, August 13, 2009


Signed lease on our new house on Tuesday. Only 10 minutes or so from where we currently live. Whew! finally!

Josh had his first dental appointment on Wednesday. JF took him for that, and I met up with them a little later as I got the kids off to school first, and we had other appointments at the hospital too. We had a nurse check Joeys PEG because it seemed a little sore (dried blood around edges) and a bit loose, so she checked the volume of water in the balloon (which is what actually keeps the PEG inside his tummy), and then took the hole PEG out, and put it back in again. Ick! Also saw the progress of our new suction bag which the infamous resident sewer is making. Looks great, and will be washable and will conceal the unit quite well while still allowing easy access to all the bits needed.

Later, I grabbed a few cleaning supplies and spent a few hours cleaning the new place, and Leesa came to help. Took over some boxes in the afternoon, took Kayla along to her Reconciliation meeting at a neighbours, and then took her to the new house to have a sticky beak.

Thursday, we were back to the hospital to pick up the hip brace which Joshy should wear for the bulk of the day. It gives him a good thigh stretch, but also keeps his hips aligned. We then met with the neurologist who we have seen since the start, and we discussed a number of things with him including hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT) which Ill talk about some other 60 seconds.


Donna said...

Just found your blog after a google search for medifab chairs.
Anyway, I notice in the post above you have a laerdal suction unit the same as my daughter uses. I don't know your arrangements, but we hire ours through the hospital (we are in Melbourne) and it comes with a laerdal back designed especially for the pump. Do you not have access to this? I just wondered why you are having one made.

Donna said...

Sorry, I meant a Laerdal BAG, not back.

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