Saturday, August 8, 2009

Moving House

The process of moving house has been going on for 3 months. For various reasons, I have gone through the Department of Housing, and after a mountain of paperwork, interviews, many phone calls and a truckload of patience, they accepted my application. As expected, a suitably modified home (for Joshy's needs) is not currently available, so I had to look in the private rental market, and the Department assists with the rent (and they also advised me the maximum rent payable that Im allowed to look for).

Looking for a home... What. A. Drama.

Ive only been looking at places within a few kilometres of where we currently live, or 10 or so minutes drive-time.

A few weeks ago, I found a place I liked almost immediately, and it was within walking distance of both the primary and high school where the kids currently attend. 5 bedrooms, great size yard, undercover areas, heaps of storage, spas (great therapy for Josh), etc. Only problem was that there were stairs to get in to the main area of the house; about 15 all up. We have stairs where we are now, and while Josh is little, this isn't too much of a problem (carrying him up and down), but I have to think long-term as well. The other requirement from the Department is that Joshy's OT assesses the suitability of the house, and after she had a look, the stairs were her only concern too. For whatever reason, even though the agent was happy with my application, the landlord wasn't.

Homes within the price range were either 2 storey, or had no garage (a must), or too far (from JF), or the right amount of bedrooms with no other living areas like a rumpus (for Joshy's equipment and exercising), or were short-term leases etc. And I really wanted somewhere that would allow a pet, although I had explained to the kids that if a home came up that didn't allow a pet, but everything else was suitable, Id still apply for the home.

I looked at a few homes anyway, to get an idea of what was out there, and because sometimes photos tell a different story.

I looked at a home about 12 minutes away, and it seemed almost perfect. Single level, culdesac, fenced pool, big living areas, allowed pets. And although the OT approved, there was just something not quite right, and I couldn't put my finger on it. Perhaps travelling across two of the Hills District's busiest roads may have had something to do with it...

I inspected another home that I had noticed every time I did an Internet search, but didn't initially look at because I thought it was just a little too far (according to Google Maps though, this house is 1.5 kilometres closer than the other property). I looked, and then arranged for the OT again, who said it was fine also. It would be highly unlikely to find a bathroom large enough to accommodate Joshy's shower chair, and it only has 4 bedrooms which are a little squishy, but they're the only downfalls. The house has a double garage, solar heated pool (fully fenced), a yard easy for me to maintain, freshly painted and more modern, and allows a doggy. And its only a few streets away from friends.

I applied for it, and spent most of Friday making calls, filling out more forms, emailing, and at the estate agents. But...I got it! If all goes to plan (hmm, perhaps Ive jinxed myself?), I sign the lease Monday, Tuesday at the latest, and we can move in.

Whew. Thats one less thing to worry about.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic news Wendy. What a relief to have that over with.


Jarrad said...

oh Wendy Thats so good i hope it all works out 4 u luv your little cuz that would be me jarrad

Keryn said...

Oh that's wonderful Wendy. That will a weight off you mind. I'm sure that everything will go smoothly for you. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

OMG I thought you were struggling, but you still expect a mansion to live in.

Rachel said...

Wow someone has issues. Apparently not (wo)man enough to say who they are though!

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