Sunday, August 16, 2009

TV interview

Did a TV interview early last week with JF regarding Josh...

I can be good at conversing on the phone, and am good at writing my ideas. I am not good at face to face interviews.

I may have come across looking a tad ungrateful about donations received through a certain media platform, but in essence that's not what we wanted the story to be like. I wont know til I see the piece tomorrow (Monday 17th August).

This blog wasn't permitted to be advertised for this story (gee, wonder who's decision that was?) but if you've happened to come across this blog because of the story shown on channel 9 (or even if you're here for some other reason), please know that I am truly grateful for everything received for Joshy and the family.


Anonymous said...

yeah - you do seem ungrateful. I mean, how dare Kyle Sandilands have the hyde to give you 20, 000 dollars.
And I dont for a second believe that it was like that. The radio station probably gave you a list of all the generous businesses and people who were donating time, money, labour and equipment to your family, so that you could give them a call and have them help you at YOUR convenience.
God - speaking to all those generous donors must have been so tough for you.

Anonymous said...

Please answer this: Why bring this shit up in the Media now and trash a kind hearted persons career???

Are you going to give him the money back now as you will prob be the cause of him being bankrupt??

Anonymous said...

Why now ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Anonymous said...

Aghhh to whoever wrote those last three comments - F**K you! You have no idea what this family has been through. And kind hearted? You have no idea what it took to get that 20k! And its not about the money. That stupid bastard went around for the week following the original radio interview trying to get photos with the family, stories with the family, getting as much media hype as he could - without paying a cent until repeatedly asked ---- AND getting the family to call up for pledges - think about trying to do that yourself mate - its NOT an easy task. I know for a fact the family did not want this story told, but the media being media it happens anyway. Perhaps if Kyle was a little more responsible he wouldnt be in this hot water!

Now to the real story. Josh and his family are the bravest and strongest that I know. Happy birthday Josh, may the next year see all the miracles in the world.

Anonymous said...

wow those three nasty comments. How dare you! Have a god damn heart.

To Josh and his family:

Joshy your such a beautiful brave little man!!

wendy you are an amazing woman! I hope the public help you.

Keep strong.

Anonymous said...

To Brave little Josh and your loving family, take no notice of negative ignorant people that might enter your life, just focus on each other and take comfort in your moments together as a family. may you be blessed with lots of love and moments of peace.

Anonymous said...

Josh Wendy and Family,
We support you all the way and know how hard this journey is, as we are on it too. Happy Birthday little big boy Josh, you are doing so well.

Liz and Ashleigh

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've heard about your blog through another site pointing out the disgraceful actions of a certain station.

Thankful that you have received some donations (though your own hard work mostly!) but appalled at the conduct of the station.

I wish you and your family the best.

Rachel said...

Some people really need to think before they speak! Hope the moving is going ok, and wishing Josh a Super Happy birthday. xoxo

sam w said...

are you serious, im am shocked at the 1st 3 comments... well we know why these cowardly people went anonymous, you cant own your hurtful words.

why now..? it has been going on since may, people like you only hear what you want to hear.

bankrupt..? please, im not sure that 20k is going to make poor kyle bankrupt, it is pocket money to that man who is reportably on 100,000k a year. maybe kyle should not make promises on air if he cant follow through with them, seems he has made a few mistakes on air lately...

how dare you judge this mother, you dont know her situation, you dont know what or how she has felt in the past 6 months, to watch her baby go through what he has, what she has had to go through with her little boy and family in the last 6 months is undescrible, and to say she should have called the donators at her conveniance, im not sure if you have a 4 year old let alone one with special needs but a conveniant time if not to frequent. when a radio station and big tough kyle promises something and then backs down after getting the ratings they were after, they deserve their names dragged through the mud...

this is a bad and tragic situation and the family of little josh do not need negative feedback.

please keep your hate comments to yourself....................

Anonymous said...

The pieces of shit who wrote the 1st 2nd and 3rd comments may you never have to go through what this family is and will go through for a long time. It makes me think that you either have no compassion or you have the heart of a rock people like yourselves need to pull your head out of your largely inflated arses and see things for what they are. If Kyle wanted to only pledge 20k then do that don't try and recoup your career on the back of something like this.Oh by the way you gutless wonders this is how you take ownership of your comments.My Name Is STEVEN

Jac said...

I personally believe in ownership of your opinions and comments - NO, I did not watch the TV tonight I have a special needs 6 yr old having and extremely bad couple of days & a "normal" (if you call being 4 with an attitude normal), and believe me Josh is much more severely special needs than my son.

NO-ONE & I Mean NO-ONE has the right to judge anyone in these situations - it is expensive to have a special needs child - just ask anyone with a child in that position but, when promises are made and not kept you know what - it makes it all so much harder because for a few moments you can have tears of relief for the little weight that has been lifted then SMACK - you're sat right back down on your arse (excuse me) again wondering how the heck you're going to feed everyone, let alone provide the excessive extra's required for a special needs child.

Wendy if you read this believe me, I am angry enough for you to sit back and not think about it with these ungratefuls who can't own up to their comments.

Take're doing a terrific job and there's plenty of thoughts flowing your way.


Steve H said...

I know you are greatful,what an awesome mum you are!!!

Josh - Happy Birthday for the other day little champ.

antikva said...

Happy 4th Birthday Josh :D I hope you and your family had a good day.

Never ceases to amaze me how people who are SO fervent & so sure of their important viewpoint that they take the time to find & post on a blog BUT their opinions are always anonymous.

Kyle Sandilands has his own public avenues for airing his side of the story if he disagrees with it. And, he's not shy in putting his opinion across, so I don't think he needs anonymous internet trolls to voice anything on his behalf.

If it was me, I'd probably come across as ungrateful too if something that was desperately needed & promised didn't happen or I had to chase stuff around that really shouldn't have to be. It's not like she has a severely disabled child or other children to look after or anything *eye roll*

Unless you have a child who has been disabled through an accident and dealing with other kids and their needs as well SHUT UP! grow some compassion and think about how it would feel if it was you. I bet your parents are really proud of you anonymous mouthy cowards.

Lily said...

I dont think any one is saying its not tough for this family,
But as for those who have said that 'The family never wanted this story told, but the media being the media it happened...' is delirious. If this family didnt want the story told, this blog would be private and they wouldnt be whoring their poor kid around to the media for cash.

Yeah - its tough, but dont trash the people that HAVE given you 35 000 dollars, and told your story so that hundreds of other people were touched enough to donate to you.

If they didnt want the story told they wouldnt be riding the 'out to get kyle' media wave for their benefit.

I mean I get it - I understand why they are getting as much media as possible. My little girl is disabled, and would do anything if it meant helping her. All Im saying is Own that, and dont trash the people who are helping. Thats more bad karma you dont need.

Anonymous said...

Believe me, I know the financial strains of raising a severely disabled child. I have been doing it for over 11 years on my own, 24/7 while my husband works long hours to support us.
I am really happy that this family seems to have so many willing to come out and support them. They are very fortunate.
I was SO appreciative last year when a local high school raised $1400 for my child. $20,000 would be beyond anything I could dream. Why not just accept it and move on? Why make such a fuss for the rest? As Wendy herself said, it does look ungrateful to the outside.
Unfortunately, I also know how the media can turn things around, and I am hoping that is the case here. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt, but am finding it really hard.
I also hope that the money is used very wisely. I can guarantee you that you might feel you are struggling now, but as these kids get bigger, the expenses grow hugely too and things only continue to get harder.
Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Any other time I would be sympathetic.
Right now if feels like a situation of "lets get in on the Kyle bashing". He's in the news and people will feel for us.


Anonymous said...

The Basic fact is he said
"I'll kick in $35,000 and I'll go down to the bank tommorrow and draw it out (because you know I'm slack) and I'll put it in the bucket".
BUT........There was no $35,000 the next day and their was no bucket!!!
Come back to basics.

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