Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Josh

I stayed up til 12.01 this morning just so I could give Josh his first birthday kiss. He was actually born around 12.35am, but I couldn't stay awake any longer!

Kayla slept with me on my single mattress on the floor of Joshy's room, so I didn't have a good nights sleep. Josh was also a bit noisy (phlegm), and I was up to him a couple of times.

We had a BBQ and a small gathering for Joshy's birthday. The weather was fantastic and the day was pretty cruisy. For numerous reasons, the least being Johsy's condition, I had a bit of a hard time. But, as usual, I got through. Josh however decided that today was best for cat-napping. I made a Nigella Lawson honey chocolate cake, and because yellow, and bumblebees was a bit of a Joey thing, I thought this cake would be perfect! I didn't have the right cake pan, so the shape came out a little worse for wear, but still tasted yummy. And those bees are cwute.

Later, my two biggest girls helped me make a couple of trips to the new home, and we are spending our first night there officially tonight! I'll then spend the next 2 days finalising bits and pieces, and will have my 3 littlest kidlets Wednesday through Saturday each week.

Love you Joey. You're such a big, strong boy. I'm so proud of you. xx


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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful Joshua,
Very happy to hear you had a nice day.
Wendy I hope your enjoying the new house. We missed the girls this morning, bet you will miss Morgan stalking you every morning!
Marie xx

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Brave little Josh.

May your angels continue to be with you always and keep you brave and stong.

I happened to catch a bit of this mornings story on 9 - I was very moved by it and hope that you are all doing as well as you can.

May you continue to stay strong and hopeful.

Jac said...

Hey Joshy, Have a super duper birthday little man - Hope you enjoyed a taste of that yummy cake your Mum made - cat napping - it's hard work turning 4.

All the best with the new home Wendy, just moved myself - busy looking at boxes which I should unpack - take care & look after yourself.

Stefan said...

Happy Bithday brave little Josh!

May God good down and protect you!

Precious little boy!

Copyright 2009 Joshua