Tuesday, August 18, 2009


On behalf of Josh, Id like thank Kyle Sandilands for his complete personally pledged amount received today.

Please keep in mind, especially if you are a new reader of this bog, that this is only my side of things, and even then I don't and can not write everything for various reasons, especially where other people are concerned.


Rache said...

That's great to hear that Kyle followed through on his pledge. It's a pity the whole $150 000 hasn't come your way yet.

Jo-Blogs said...

Hi, I have written a blog about Joshua and it will be up shortly please add me as I write a blog that helps support people with disabilities. It may be useful and a good way to talk to people who are going through similar situations. Thanks.


Tianne said...


Just a reminder i am here reading and always thinking of you and your family. I can't believe the garbage that has been written in the comments about the donations.

Anyone who knows anything about you knows what a wonderful mother and person you are.

Keep strong,

Love Tianne xx

Anonymous said...

Most people just get on with their
lot in life and dont ask for handouts. Its very sad what has happened to your son, but other families go through life with the same problems and dont kick up a fuss asking the public to finance them.

scjohnno said...

Happy 4th Birthday Josh, even if it is a bit late. He's a beautiful boy, and I wish you all the best of luck.

Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog from the beginning and i think you are an extremely courageous woman. Try to take no notice of what other people or the media might say, they are not in your position, nor do they know what it would feel like to be. You are a fantastic mother, to all of your children, remember this whenever you feel overwhelmed, as they all love you and need you. Good luck with whatever the future may throw at you, i truly believe that you will deal with anything, just as well as you've adapted to Joshy's accident xx

Anonymous said...

Wendy you're an amazing woman and in some extraordinary, hard, hard circumstances. You're doing so well but the sounds of things, and most importantly, Josh sounds like he's improving too.

Wishing you much strength and happiness.

xx NJ

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