Sunday, October 18, 2009


Since Josh has been in hospital - 8 days now - he has been on 3 different antibiotics. The first course were I think a broad spectrum antibiotic to cover the most common infections and also based on his own infection history, and then, after a swab was taken and the bug discovered, a more specific antibiotic was given. Unfortunately, a few days later, another bug was discovered (continued high temperatures), which is why course was changed again last night, and it will be another day or two before it can be said that this is effective.

Josh's other problem right now, and its rather urgent, is his high tone (hypertonia). In normal terms, this refers to the stiffening and rigidity of his body. With his legs and feet, for example, it's as if he is constantly flexing them. Can you imagine straightening your legs, and your legs bending the opposite way?

It has been an increasing problem since day dot of his accident, but in the week or two before Josh went to Melbourne, we noticed an increase in stiffness. In fact, a day or two before they left, on one occasion, it took 15 minutes to get him out of his car seat and in to the house. I moved the passenger seat in front of Joshy's forward and down, and massaged and stroked his legs, I waited, I sang, and yet, with everything I did, each time I tried to move him, Josh would extend his legs, his toes sometimes got caught, and then he'd be in pain and Id need to manouver him in to a more comfy position without breaking him. In the end, I literally lifted Josh over the side of his seat, straight, like a plank of wood.

He could be like this because he is unwell with his infection at the moment, although one Doctor seems to think its because his botox has worn off (which we don't agree with because of its "suddenness" and also because he only received botox to the upper part of his body about 2 months ago (botox lasts about 3 months), and his upper body is just as stiff as the lower half).

So, Josh is remaining in hospital until tomorrow (hopefully no longer) to await assessment from our rehab team and (also hopefully) put in place their recommendation. It could just mean an increase in his current medication, or trying something new.

I'm home tonight with the other 4 kiddies to get things ready for their return to school tomorrow and then Ill return to the hospital to see what the Doctors recommend...

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