Friday, November 6, 2009


The doctors are quite certain Joey has aspiration pneumonia but this is still to be confirmed. Whenever samples of blood or mucus or whatever is taken, tests are done and things grown from them to see what the infection actually is, and nothing obvious has come back from Joshys samples yet.

Last night, I could not believe the gunk coming up from Josh's nose and throat! Overnight, the nurse shouldve just pulled up a chair beside Joshy's bed, because she was in about every 1/2 hour suctioning him. Thankfully, while his temperature is still going up and down, his secretions have thinned out and are looking much better (although there is still a lot!).

I am extremely tired today, and have popped home for a few hours to wash clothes, feed our dawggy, and that sort of thing, and then pick the kids up from school and return to the hospital.

I am am facitious when I say there is again confusion about what time JF will return to the hospital tomorrow, but I have to be honest in saying (all things going to - ahem! - plan) I am looking forward to having Saturday night off with Kayla and Kane, and having a cruisy Sunday morning...

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