Wednesday, November 4, 2009


(from my journal)

When life throws you "stuff", sometimes its a relief in itself knowing that through it all, you have a "partner" or someone extra special you can call/lean/rely on.

Going through what is happening in my life right now is hard. Really hard.

Going through it without a special someone is even harder.

And as with most people, I have other stuff going on that I don't normally share here. Things that should not be this hard, but make a bad situation even more difficult. For example, arguments with JF about things we should be able to work out such as school dresses and how I have one and he has four.

Him telling me, while waiting in ED today, that I should go cry somewhere else. And I should do that why? Because it makes him feel uncomfortable??

And who's fault is it that Josh is back in hospital this afternoon with possible pneumonia? Does it matter anyway (who's fault it is)? Is it because I dont suction enough, or he suctions too much?

We were told months ago, to expect frequent visits to hospital. And haven't we done brilliantly keeping Josh away from being admitted for 4 months?

Isn't what really matters that we're doing the best we can?

I am doing the best I can.

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Anonymous said...

you have & ARE doing brilliantly.

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