Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Amazing Kids

Through this year's trials and tribulations, my 4 other children have managed to come up trumps!  And I'm very proud of them!  So, ah-hem, here's my toot.

My eldest, who likes to remind me shes now only 6 months away from 15, remains in the top class for her main subjects next year. Admittedly, shes one of those lucky people who doesn't have to study, but whoa! if she did...!  And she must be the only kid who made $50 worth of mobile-phone credit last a whole year!

My 12 year old actually excelled this year at school!  She received a Silver Award at an awards ceremony, recognising she came first in a subject, and 2nd in at least 2 other subjects!  Ever aware of sibling rivalry, she was pleased she got an award when her big sister didn't (for the first time ever!).

And they both auditioned and received parts in next years school musical.  That will make the 4th year for Jamiela with a more important role  each year, and for Paris (the 12yo), she was the only one in Year 7 to get a part at all...

Kayla was a part of the school dance group, where they performed at different dance festivals, which is great considering she has not danced previously.  Next year, she will be in the school band, and has been allocated the saxophone, and again, coming from a non-musical background (does mummy singing badly along with the radio count?), I think this is a wonderful achievement, and know it will provide her with many skills.  Just need to find some sound proof wall padding... just joking. :-)   She constantly amazes me with her craftiness, and creativity, creating something out of nothing.

Mister 5 will continue on to Year One next year, and that in itself is enough to make me proud. :-)  He has been wonderful in trying new foods, and can be very mature in deciding if he likes something or not.  He has also been wonderful in learning to find solutions for different problems, for example, if he is unable to locate a particular toy to either search in other places, or use something else instead.

I have amazing kids, and I {heart} all 5 of them very much.

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sam said...

what awesome acheivements !! - no wonder you are pround you have the most amazing kids & i expect they think their mum is pretty amazing too !!

huge hugs

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