Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas

As it is for most people, Christmas was a very busy event.  I loved spending time with family and friends in the days leading up to Christmas including Christmas Eve.

Paris, Kayla and Kane each wrote a letter to Santa, and without knowing what each other had written, there was one thing the same on each list: for Josh to get better.

My wonderul patient kids, who woke me at 6am to let me know Santa had been, waited for 1/2 hour while I did Joshy's normal routine of feeding, changing nappy, splinting and nebulising, but I think that only added to the excitment of guessing what was inside each parcel....

From about 10.30am Christmas Day, I was childless.  I spent a few hours with my immediate family, which was lovely, but I did feel rather melancoly.  Arriving home later in the afternoon, I wobbled a little emotionally, but I kept busy (the house was a hurricane swept mess of paper, boxes and mess which needed to be cleaned up), and I got through.

The next few days were also busy, with family gatherings, but with all my kids.  Loved it!  On a personal family level, there were some firsts, fantastic firsts, that have given me a warm feeling...

I hope you each had a lovely Christmas too.

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