Monday, August 24, 2009

My statement

A response to the recent media coverage:

Thank you to everyone who has supported Josh over the last 6 months.

Words can only begin to describe how deeply moved I am on a daily basis.

I'm also incredibly thankful to 2DayFM. We were reluctant to go ahead with the recent interviews, but after planning Joshy's treatment based on pledged donations, we were heartbroken when the actual amount received fell short by 60%. Of course, that can happen with this type of thing, and we never felt the pledges were "owed" to us, nor did we ever ask for a hand out (It was a family friend who contacted the station unbeknown to us). When 2DayFM sent through a list of names and numbers to call ourselves, that's where my comment of being made to feel like a debt collector stemmed from. As 2DayFM has since clarified, this is where the misunderstanding occurred.

I'd like to make clear that these were concerns over the greater fundraising effort, not Kyle Sandilands' remarkable individual donation, which we had been in contact with his manager about.

Kyle's manager explained to me that the delay in Kyle's donation stemmed from Joshy's father (JF) claiming I was "setting up house" with money specifically donated to Josh; "living large" as Kyle referred to it. Whether this was said or not, such alleged claims are hurtful and baseless. Though I should not have to defend myself regarding this, I can easily prove beyond all doubt that I've not even touched a cent. (We will be using it for Joshy's ongoing treatment and care).

What happened to my Jojo was, and is, devastating. Such an event will either bring a family closer together, or tear them apart. Unfortunately, Joshy's father and I are no longer together, and will share care of three of my five children. Even though I’m more than hurt by his alleged accusations about me regarding Joshy’s money, I still hope to maintain a civil relationship for the sake of our children.

If you still have any doubts, concerns, or questions, feel free to say hello at wclimpson @ gmail . com. Thanks again for your support.

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